KOJURO Profile

KOJURO Profile




2010年 上海万博に出演
2015年 個展「荒武者」開催
2020年 個展「かげろう」開催
2021年 広島県Web公募展「鳳凰」入選

ink painter, dancer

Performs activities such as creating ink paintings, dancing, and ink painting classes in Hiroshima.

2010 Appeared at Shanghai World Expo
2015 Solo exhibition Aramusha held
2020 Solo Exhibition Kagero Held
2021 “Phoenix” Selected for the Hiroshima Prefectural Web Public Art Exhibition

Drawing the world through sumi-e

Drawing the world through sumi-e



The young man, who was colorblind, eventually began to express his thoughts with “lines”.

The “lines” that he draws as he pleases without being taught by anyone eventually became sumi-e and came to be expressed in various forms.

The young man began to send messages to the world through his ink paintings. He is looking for someone who understands his ink paintings.